Experienced professionals in portfolio design and construction


At Portfolio Design Advisors, we create sophisticated and customized wealth management portfolios.        

Why Portfolio Design Advisors



Portfolio Design Advisors believes in long term active management strategies that create Alpha over time. We do not get caught up in the day to day or month  to month market movements. We make asset allocation decisions based on market fundamentals and employ active management to achieve desired strategic asset allocation targets. We achieve this through a dynamic overlay on our risk based models with the goal of providing protection in extremely volatile markets.


Investment Process

Portfolio Design Advisors begins their investment process by defining the strategic asset allocation desired.

We pinpoint allocations to equities, fixed income, alternatives and other sectors followed by a further filter to specific market exposure whether it be large, mid or small cap; emerging markets; international markets; and various fixed income exposures. To accomplish these goals we use qualitative and quantitative research and filters to carefully select the investments included in  the optimum portfolio. 



We understand that investment advisors must juggle multiple aspects of their relationships with their wealth management clients. Therefore, the Portfolio Design Advisors' Chartered Financial Analysts (CFA's) are available to you to discuss strategies to help you achieve your client's desired investment goals.